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xtrme buccaneer broadside battle

xtrme buccaneer broadside battle

a pirate ship want take the cnotrol of you ship and of you treasures, now you should figh for yours own way. you target is take the sword and comfront to them still eliminated.

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use the key A to start the game , press the arrow of the cursor to move, press the key A attak with you sword at the enemy, and the 5 to shot them. use the scroll to take the canon, use the arrows of the cursor to move the sight and press the key A to shot. point at canons or the enemy to destroy them. if get destroy all the the canons of the enemy, will get points and will pass to the next level. do not permit that the enemy attak you, neither aviod that the balls from the canons falls you, or will losse.




xtrme buccaneer broadside battlextrme buccaneer broadside battle