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Xtreme Motor

Xtreme Motor

You're a well-known motorcyclist and the motorsports association has organised a photo competition where you'll have to demonstrate your best stunts. Do your tricks and the best photo will win a medal.

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Click 'Jugar' to start the game. The menu includes 'New Game' (Juego Nuevo), 'Select Level' ('Selecciona el Nivel'), 'Instructions' ('Instrucciones'), 'Level Editor' ('Editor de Nivel'), 'NotDoppler Level' ('Niveles NotDoppler'), 'More Games' ('Mas juegos') and 'Credits' ('Creditos'). Use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and back; use the right and left to lean forward and back (and thereby maintain your balance). Press the space bar to change direction. Collect all of the slates on each level and return to the start in order to move on to the next level. If you fall off your bike then you'll lose.




Xtreme MotorXtreme Motor