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Tomb Chess

Tomb Chess

You are in a cemetery, and you can not get out of there. Your mission is waking the beasts up to help you. You must play checkers and defeat all of your rivals. Do it quickly and save your life.

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Write your name before starting. Click on the tombs to make the characters appear. The game is played by turns and you play with the red characters. Click on the character, then click on a box or an enemy to place te character or kill the enemy. The king can kill all the characters. He can be killed just by the ghosts. The snake woman can exterminate everyone, excepting the king. The mommy can kill everyone, excepting the snake woman and king. The man without his head can kill the monster of car and ghost. The monster of the car can only kill the ghost. Move the characters horizontally and vertically, one box per turn.




Tomb ChessTomb Chess