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The Pool Invasion

The Pool Invasion

This is a game based on the series "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". Zack and Cody are twin brothers who live in a hotel. Help them to play at the pool and get fun.

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There're three ways of playing in this game. The first one is "Infatable Tower". In this game, you must use the right and left arrow keys to keep the balance of the tower. You have to press the up arrow key to chase the pelican and the down arrow key to chase the other bird. Press the spacebar to hide. The other game is "Springboard Basketbal"; in this game you have to check the bar above, it indicates the strength of the throw. Press the spacebar to throw the ball to the float. If you introduce the ball into them, your score will increase. If the ball goes out of the pool, press the up and down arrow keys, so Cody can catch the ball. Finally, the third game is "Balloon Season". Here, you have to press the right and left arrow keys to move the boat. Press "X" to reload your water gun and, press the spacebar to shoot the balloons. If you hit them, your score will increase. Take the clocks, they give you extra time.




The Pool InvasionThe Pool Invasion