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The Farmer

The Farmer

You are a farmer and you work ever single day. You have gone to the market to buy some kernels to cultivate fruits and vegetables. You are planning to buy ovipositors with the gains, so you will be able to sell the eggs.

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Click on "New game" and then write your name. Use the mouse to move, some blue arrows will appear. You have 400 dollars; go to the market and buy all the kernels you need. Then, go back to the farm and cultivate the plants. Click on the house to return. Click on the clock if you want to sleep. When it dawns, keep cultivating the plants; do it in this way until you can harvest them. Click on the hand to collect the plants, then put them in the box to obtain money. You can also buy some fertilizer and some insecticide in addition of hens and their food.




The FarmerThe Farmer