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Swords Saga

Swords Saga

Saga is an oriental warrior that wants to take revenge. His mission is killing all the enemies using his sword. In order to complete this mission, he'll have to remember every single movement.

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Click on "A", "D", "V" and "S" to become stronger. Use "W", "A", "S" and "D" to walk, "J" to use your sword and "U" to throw bombs, take armors and some other objects. You can use special attacks by pressing the letters that appear above. If you want to see the menu, press "H" and many options will appear. You can increase your strength by clicking on "Property". If you want to change your armor, click on "Equipment" and then drag the armor to the box above. Click on "Tool Usage" to eat the fruits, take the poisons and use the ninja stars. Press "H" again to go back to fight. Don't let your enemies attack you or you'll lose.




Swords SagaSwords Saga