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Sonny has been killed by enemy monsters while he was traveling on a cruise. For strange reasons, Sonny is back to life, turned into a dangerous zombie. Now he will use his powers to finish his enemies.

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Use the mouse to choose the game language. Play by turns. Write your name to play, then choose a number and finally the game level. Click on the right side enemy, then click on the spheres that appear to attack it and its life will decrease. Click on your character Sonny, then click on the spheres and you'll get energy, shields and extra lives. When you defeat an enemy, you'll earn money and experience to advance to the next level. You will then get a 'Game Menu'. If you get armors in the center of the screen, click on them to pick them up. Click on 'proceed', then click on a power sphere on the bottom left side. Choose your desired option: defense, magic or shield. Then click on the buttons with a cross on the upper left side to increase your powers. This 'menu' shows up every time you pass a level. Click on the red square on the lower left side to look at Sonny's profile. The armors you collect are on the right. Click on them and drag them to Sonny's squares to put them on. Click on the armors to buy them according to the money you have.Click on the red circle to go to the battlefield. Every time you reach a new level, new battlefields appear. Click on the brown square to look at the map. Ther red dots indicate battlefields. If the enemies take out your life, you'll loose.