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You´re Smacky, a very grumpy squirrel. You live in the city park. Your neighbors are very happy squirrels and want to welcome you, but you unleash all of your fury on them in order to leave you alone.

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Click on the squirrels to hit them. Score on every hit. Destroy the blue boxes for energy. Hit the icecreams for energy. Don´t allow squirrels near you or your energy decreases. Kill by clicking to gain energy. Click and drag the squirrel to the left or right arrow that´s nearby. Release to atack the enemies. Drag to the bottom arrow to spin and hit them. Drag to the bottom arrow and then to the right or left arrow to throw a power. When the energy bar blinks, drag to the arrows below, to the right, above, to the left, and below again to transform. Click on the enemies to atack.