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Scania Driver

Scania Driver

Paco must drive a truck through the central highway. He needs to reach his destination in the shortest possible time. To make it, he needs to accelerate his truck to the limit.

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Click on 'Zavod' to play and then click on 'Trening' to train on the road. First, you drive a truck and then a bus. Press the up arrow key to accelerate the truck. Press the left and right arrow keys to turn the truck. The truck can speed up to 80 KM/h and the bus can accelerate up to 90 KM/h. Press the spacebar to keep the speedmeter stable. Don't let the kilometers exceed the speed limit or the police will stop you and you will waste time. Press 'Control' to stop and repair your truck or bus. Grab the tools to repair your vehicle. Collect the red gallons, they give you extra fuel. Grab the tires to increase your speed. Don't crash with the other cars or your energy will diminish and you'll lose.




Scania DriverScania Driver