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Sara's Cooking Class

Sara's Cooking Class

Sara is the best cookery tutor in the city. She is going to show you how to prepare a delicious mushroom soup. You'll have to follow her instructions carefully.

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Sara's instructions will appear at the top of the screen; the circle which is indicated will tell you which ingredients and utensils you should use. The first step will be to chop the vegetables. Click on the knife, then click on the vegetable as many times as you're shown by the green arrow. Click on the chopped vegetables and take them over to the glass bowl. The second step will be to cook the vegetables. Click on the containers full of ingredients and take them over to the frying pan to cook them. When the green arrow appears in the frying pan, you have to stir the food. Follow all the remaining steps and you'll successfully prepare this tasty soup. Your time is limited at each stage.




Sara's Cooking ClassSara's Cooking Class