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Sandwich Cooking Game

Sandwich Cooking Game

It's your sister's birthday and the guests will be arriving shortly for her party. You have to prepare the food so that everyone will have a great time.

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You'll see a square in the top right which contains the ingredients you should use. Click on the fridge and on the cupboard to see more ingredients. Click on the bread you're shown and take it over to the yellow plate. Click on the tomatoes, cucumbers, ham and lettuce, and take them over to the chopping board. Click on the knife to cut the ingredients and put them on the sandwich. Click on the onion and take it over to the chopping board; click on the knife again to chop them. Drag them over to the frying pan and click on it to fry them, then put them on the sandwich as well. Do the same with the eggs. Click on the sandwich when it's finished; if you prepare all 18 sandwiches, you'll win. Your time is limited.




Sandwich Cooking GameSandwich Cooking Game