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Sailor Senshi Maker

Sailor Senshi Maker

This game is based on the animated series 'Sailor Moon'; if you're a fanatic of the series then this is the game for you. Your objective is to design a new combat uniform for the warrior Senshi. Do your work well and she will congratulate you.

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In the bar on the right hand side you have various options. Choose the wig, hair extensions, eye and skin colours, accessories, clothes and scenery which you want. Click on them to place them on Senshi. To change the colour of her hair, press on the coloured circles. To view more options, click on the arrow on the bottom right. Click on the colour you want her hair extensions to be and then do the same for her accessories and clothes. Choose the wand which you want as well. If you want to want to remove anything you've chosen, click on the red 'X' next to your selection. Select the background colour you want by clicking on the coloured circles, or select one of the set backgrounds by clicking on it. To see the final result, click on 'Done'.




Sailor Senshi MakerSailor Senshi MakerSailor Senshi Maker