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Revenge of the Stick

Revenge of the Stick

The "Stickmen" have rebelled and try to come out from your screen because they want to be revenged. Order your soldiers from your desktop and kill them all before they do the same with you.

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Use the mouse to choose the level of the game. Click on the soldiers to choose them, according to the money you have. Click on the platforms to order them correctly. Destroy the "Stickmen" and protect the exit. Kill a lot of enemies and you'll get money to buy even more soldiers. Destroy the giant "stickmen" and then click on the pictures that are on "Convert Heasds Into", so you can unlock other soldiers. When you click on a soldier, you'll be able to see a menu. Click on "sell for" to sell the soldier or, click on "upgrade" to make it evolve. Don't let the stickmen escape or your energy will decrease.




Revenge of the Stick Revenge of the Stick