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Real Pool

Real Pool

This is a classic pool game; you play against the computer in turns. You'll have to be careful, since if you foul against the computer, you'll lose a turn.

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There are 15 numbered balls on the table and they are divided into two groups. The balls 1 to 7 have solid colour; numbers 9-15 have white stripes. Click and hold down the mouse button on the cue and rotate it to where you want to take your shot; white lines projecting from the tip will give you an idea of the outcome of the shot from that angle. Set the power of the shot by adjusting the bar on the right-hand side; click 'Strike' to take your shot. If you pot your balls correctly, your score will increase. The groups are decided whenever one player pots a ball, and can't be changed. The black ball must be potted last to win.




Real PoolReal Pool