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Power Rangers

Power Rangers

The Power Rangers team is training to defeat all their enemies. Each member of the team must practice his or her abilities to become stronger.

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Click over the arrow to move the roulette and choose the Ranger you want. If you choose 'Electric Bolts' you have to destroy moving discs. Use the mouse to target the discs. Keep your left mouse key pressed to accumulate electricity. Release to shoot the discs. The lower left circle will indicate the amount of electricity accumulated. The electricity you shoot must match the size of the disc. If you shoot down 10 discs, you win. If you destroy the discs completely, you'll loose. If you choose 'Water Control' you have to walk over the water. Press the mouse key to set up a path where the girl can walk. If you make the girl go to the end of the platform, you win. Don't let her fall into the water or you will loose. If you choose 'Fire sword' you have to avoid the fire. Press the left mouse key over the fireballs to protect yourself with the sword. If you make it, your score will increase. Don't let the fire touch you or you'll lose. If you choose 'Shape Shifting Racing' you have to overcome the obstacles by transfoming into an animal. Press the mouse key on the snake circle to become a snake and pass trough the dead woods. Click on the butterfly circle to become a butterfly and pass trough the small rocks. Click on the eagle circle to become and eagle and fly over the rocks. If you make it to the end of the platform, you win. If you click on the wrong transformation and crash against the obstacles, you lose. If you pick 'Wall Builder' you have to avoid the fireballs. Watch the red squares on the bottom of the screen, they'll let you know where the fireballs are coming from. Click on the screen to build a wall and protect yourself from the fireballs. If you can protect yourself from all the fireballs, you win. If the fireballs touch you, you lose. If you make it past the 5 training drills, you win the game.




Power RangersPower Rangers