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Holly wants to graduate from the fairy school in Plantasia. Her last test is to grant a wish. She has come to Jack's manor, since his wish is to have his gardens repaired. Help her with this difficult task.

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Click on 'Play Holly's Story' or 'Play Garden Challenge' to begin. In 'Play Garden Challenge', you work through levels. In 'Play Holly's Story', you have to fix the gardens of Jack's manor. Click on the brown squares to dig a hole; click to plant a seed. Click on the plant once it starts to grow to water it; don't let it dry out. When it flowers, click on it to harvest its fruits, and you'll earn money. Click on the jar in the top left to buy more seeds and gardening tools. When you earn more points, you'll be able to restore all of the statues in the garden and you'll move on to the next level. Click on the worms to spray them with insecticide, or they'll destroy your plants. Your time is limited.