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Mom Mania!

Mom Mania!

Yours is a mother who's worth her weight in gold; she's always looking after you. Your friends are coming to visit you at your house and you've asked your mother to prepare something for them. You have to help her with the task.


food, cooking, kids, kids

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Choose a mother then click on the kids to seat them at the table. The red bar over each child shows the patience they have to wait; you lose points if it runs out. Click on the macaroni in the cupboard and take it over to the microwave to prepare it. When they're ready, click on them and then on the child who asked for them. If your friends ask for milk or another drink, click on the drinks which will appear on the fridge and take them over to whoever wanted them. To clean the table, click on the empty plates and take them over to the dishwasher. Each time you complete a child's order you'll get points. You should earn a certain number of points for each day in the game; your score will appear to the left of the game.




Mom Mania!Mom Mania!