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Meal Masters III

Meal Masters III

You're taking part in a cookery course and your tutor has just given you your first test. Your objective is to prepare the recipes which you've learned. Follow the instructions closely and you'll receive a high mark.

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Click on 'New Game' to start. The window in the upper left will show you how to prepare the dish. Click on the objects which the instructions indicate and drag them over to the red circles or the container which you find in the kitchen. To move to another part of the kitchen, click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Click on the drawers and the fridge to open them. Take the ingredients out in the order you're told. When everything is ready, click on the dish and take it over to the table with the pink table-cloth and position it on the red circle. If you follow the instructions properly then you'll move on to the next level.




Meal Masters IIIMeal Masters III