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Mall Brawl

Mall Brawl

Mall sales are out of control and Scam Tim wants to take advantage so he can become the richest man in the world. He has created a computer virus to sabotage all the prices in the products. You're a brave girl and your mission is to destroy all the robots to get to the registers and turn them back to normal. Put an end to the scam regime.

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Use the mouse to choose the girl you want to be. Press the arrow keys to move. Use the Z key to hit the enemy, destroy it and get points. Use the X key to shoot all the robots when you have a weapon. Don't bump against them or your energy will diminish and you'll loose. Press the spacebar to grab an object, climb the stairs, change the position of the colors in the little squares on the wall and pass them through every machine. If you can disinfect all the registers, you'll move on to the next level.


The game is quite addicting.


Mall BrawlMall Brawl