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You're controlling a metallic ball which has to be thrown to a metallic cup. To do it, you must calculate carefully the attraction force among the magnetic rings.

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There're three options for this game. In "Game A Set A",you have to click on the arrows to choose the level of the game and to change the color of the balls. Use the mouse to move the ball and click to let it fall on the cup. If you do it right, you'll get to the next level. Be careful with the magnetic rings. Click on the rings with batteries to turn them off and change their status into negative or positive. Press the spacebar if you want to play again. Click on "Toogle Backgrounds" if you want to change the background of the game. In "Game B set A", press the cursor keys to move the ball and take it to the metallic cup. In "Game C Set A", press "enter", "shift" or the spacebar to let the ball fall. Click on the rings to move them where they want.