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Luigi's Revenge

Luigi's Revenge

Luigi is reloaded. He's furious because Mario always wants to be recognized as the hero. Due to this, he has decided to go and kill King Koopa to rescue the princess.

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Choose a game option. In the first one, you use the cursor keys to move. You have to kill all the goombas, the turtles and some other enemies by jumping on them. Try to take the coins and the mushrooms, because they give you more energy. You must overcome three levels in this option. In the second option, you move by pressing the cursor keys and you can shoot by pressing the spacebar. Don't let Toad fall on the floor, you must shoot him to keep him in the air. In the third option, you have 60 seconds to kill every Toads you can; use the spacebar to do it.




Luigi's RevengeLuigi's RevengeLuigi's Revenge