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Luigi Revenge Interactive

Luigi Revenge Interactive

This is a game based on the video game " Mario Bros". This time, Luigi has the mission of fighting against the soldiers of King Koppa and collecting the golden coins. Help him to do it, trying not to fall in the abyss.

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Click on "games mode" to choose one of the three games. In "Story Mode" you must use the cursor keys to move Luigi and take the coins. Don't let the enemies touch you or your energy will decrease. Jump on the fish's chest, to decrease its energy. In "Toad Massacre", press the spacebar to shoot a mushroom. If you hit your target, your score will increase; but if you hit the princess, you'll lose points. In "Kickups" use the right and left arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot the bombs. Don't let the mushroom fall in the water or you'll lose. Get it in the air for a long time to obtain more points.




Luigi Revenge InteractiveLuigi Revenge Interactive