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Knight Tactics

Knight Tactics

A group of soldiers called the Belve Clan want to invade the castle and murder the king. You are the captain of the king's guards; your mission is to organise your best troops and kill the traitors.

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This is a game of turns; click on 'Story Mode' to play. Click on the flashing square to read the following order. Your soldiers have green clothing; your enemies wear red. Watch the soldier with the red arrows; in the upper area you'll see the options for what he can do under 'Menu'. Click on 'Move' and then on a green square to move him. When you're close to your enemy, click 'Attack' and then click on your enemy to hit them with your sword. After your move, click 'Wait' and click on the marked field so that a soldier will turn and be prepared for his next move. Move the mouse pointer over your troops to see their abilities. Press the arrow keys to see the whole battlefield; kill all of your enemies to move on to the next level.




Knight TacticsKnight Tactics