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Kidnap rescue dressup

Kidnap rescue dressup

Your best friend has been abducted by evil criminals. You have to rescue her so that she'll be able to enter a beauty contest tonight. Use your pistol to kill your enemies as they appear and save your friend. Do it quickly and then help her to do her make-up and get dressed properly so that she can win the beauty contest.

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Use the mouse to aim the pistol; click to shoot your enemies in the head. Press the space bar to reload the pistol. Kill 15 enemies and you'll move on to the next stage. In each bullet you'll find a different type of clothes or accessory; click on these and they'll appear on the girl. Do the same with the shoes, hair, make-up and accessories. When you've finished, click on 'Done' to see the results.




Kidnap rescue dressupKidnap rescue dressup