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Jam XM

Jam XM

An intergalactic race where anything goes has been organised on Earth. You should defeat all of your opponents and arrive at the finish-line before they destroy you.

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You control the blue car with the arrow keys or the 'W','A','S' and 'D' keys. You can also click with the mouse and drag it to steer. You can attack twice with your car but pressing 'Shift' to spill oil, or by pressing 'Control' to fire. Collect all of the items which you see along the way, except for mines and red arrows, which will reduce your points and time. Don't hit the boxes or stray off the track or you'll lose. Your energy bar and the number of laps which you should complete of the track are shown at the top of the screen. You can buy weapons and equipment for your car at the end of each race, using the money which you earn.




Jam XMJam XM