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Incoming Opsat Transmission

Incoming Opsat Transmission

You are an agent of CIA. You've gone to celebrate the success in your last mission with all your friends. Now, you're drunk and you have to get into your house without waking up your wife. Deactivate the alarms in your house or you´ll be dead.

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Press the spacebar to activate the options. Click on the option on the upper right side. Use the mouse to aim at the spotlights and press the spacebar to shoot them. Click on "X" to hide your gun. Go into the house and find the code of the alarm to deactivate it. The options for walking, opening the door and deactivating the alarms are on the upper right side. Don't make any noise or your wife will wake up and will hit you with the frying pan.




Incoming Opsat TransmissionIncoming Opsat Transmission