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Harajuku Tokyo Style

Harajuku Tokyo Style

This girl lives in Tokyo, in an area called Harajuku, where young people show off the most alternative fashion styles. Help her to choose the most fashionable clothes; make her look sensational.

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Use the mouse to undress the girl. On the left there are various styles of clothes, shoes and accessories. Click on the tops and a row of styles will appear; click on one of these and take it over to the girl to dress her. If you want to change the colour, click on the garment and a colour palette will appear; click on your preferred colour and it will be applied to the garment. Do the same with the other garments, shoes and accessories. Click on 'Shuffle' to get an idea about outfits which you could create and 'Reset' to start again. There are two arrows on the bottom right; click on these to change the background.




Harajuku Tokyo StyleHarajuku Tokyo Style