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H. K. Cafe

H. K. Cafe

You're working in a restaurant. There, you have to prepare and deliver every order that the clients want. If you burn them or make a mistake, you'll lose your job; but if you do it right, you'll get a good money.

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Check the orders of the customers. Click on the eggs or hot dog to fray them, click on the noodles to cook them. When they're ready, click on "off". Click on the bread to put it in the toaster; when it's ready, click on the lever to turn it off. Click on the tin to prepare the bread, according to client's order. Click on the tea pot to put it in the glass. Click on the food and drag them to the correct dish and then take it to the client. Don't take so much time on it or you'll lose. Remember that every food must be cooked according to the client's order. If you make a mistake, drag the food to the garbage trash. Every time you throw an ingredient, you'll lose 50 dollars. If the client gets angry, you'll lose 100 dollars; but if you do it right you'll earn more money. You have two minutes.




H. K. CafeH. K. Cafe