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Free Super Mario Bros

Free Super Mario Bros

The Princess Peach has been captured by the evil Bowser; your friend Mario has gone to rescue her. Now he should move around all of the platforms and rescue his girlfriend from the hands of Bowser. Help him to collect all of the gold coins which are on the route and avoid the enemies which will harm him.

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Click on the language of your choice (French or English), use the right and left arrows to move Mario; use the 'W' key to jump. Collect all of the gold coins, because they give you extra points. If you succeed, then you'll move on to the next level. You only have 3 lives; you'll have to move quickly before your time runs out.


Kill your enemies first and then collect the points and hit the boxes which contain mushrooms, since it'll be easier this way.


Free Super Mario BrosFree Super Mario Bros