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Fashion Designer World Tour

Fashion Designer World Tour

You're a famous fashion designer in your city and you're going to travel around the World to present your latest clothing designs. Your objective is to dress the 3 models to demonstrate your new range.

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Use the mouse to select the country and destination which you'd like; enter your name before you start playing. Select the 3 models which you like best and click 'Ok' to start. You'll see your 3 models on the upper left of the screen; click on the clothes, glasses, necklaces, wig and other accessories which you prefer; drag them over to each girl to dress her. Continue until all 3 girls are dressed differently and then press 'Pre-Show' to get feedback from your advisor. Follow her guidance to make the best possible combinations of make-up, accessories and clothing for your 3 models.




Fashion Designer World TourFashion Designer World Tour