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Easy Chess

Easy Chess

This is a version of the classic game of chess. You'll play against the computer; test your strategic skills and beat your opponent.

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Your pieces are at the bottom, and those of your rival are at the top. Click on a piece which you want to move, then on a square where you want to move it to. Pawns can move two spaces forward from the first row, but can only take other pieces diagonally. A pawn which reaches the last row of the opponent's side will automatically become a queen. The rook can only move horizontally and vertically; the knight can move in an 'L' shape, of four squares in total; a bishop can only move diagonally; the queen can move in any direction, and any number of squares and the king can move in any direction, but only one square at a time. If the king is in check, a move must be made to protect him.


The queen is your most valuable piece, due to her mobility; avoid sacrificing her.


Easy ChessEasy Chess