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Dinasty Street

Dinasty Street

You're a soldier of the black army. Get into the enemies' territory and destroy their headquarter. To succeed in this mission, you'll have to use your guns and destroy all enemy soldiers.

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Click on "The Dojo" to train. When you think you're ready, click on "Start Game" to play. Click on "Adventure" to get your goal. In "Survival", you fight to survive and, in "Tournament", you participate in a fighting tournament. Press the cursor keys to move and "Z" and "X" to hit your enemies. Move to the weapons and bombs if you want to take them. Press "Z" to put a mine and the spacebar to activate it. Use the mouse to aim and press "Z" to throw a grenade. If you want to deactivate your guns, press the spacebar. Don't let your enemies touch you or your energy will decrease and finally you'll die.




Dinasty StreetDinasty Street