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Deus Racer

Deus Racer

It is the year 2525 and the bulk of the world is ruled by one giant country: Eurasia. They have designed a system of implants which were intended to improve human agility, reflexes and intelligence. These were used to create an army of super-soldiers to dominate the rest of the world. However, due to a system error, the implants have rendered the soldiers mere puppets, with no will or personality. Amadeus was one of them but he has not been affected by the system failure. You have to help him escape and start a new life.

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Move forward, back and from side to side using the arrow keys; press Z,X,C and V to fire your vehicle's weapons. Start by using only Z, but as you move up the levels you will gain more weapons. Destroy all the cars and motorbikes in order to move on to the next level. Don't let your enemies' shots hit you or will reduce your energy and you will lose.




Deus RacerDeus Racer