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Defense Strategy 3: Final War

Defense Strategy 3: Final War

Two armies are fighting to take control of this territory and you're the commander of one of them. This is the final confrontation and you should make every effort to defeat your enemies; you'll have to employ an ingenious strategy.

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Use the mouse to play; click on the 'Options' bubble; you can adjust the music, image and the time permitted for each level. Click 'Play' and choose the difficulty level, then the landscape where you want to wage war. At the start of the game there is a panel of weapons, vehicles and soldiers; choose what you want, bearing in mind your military budget. You'll gain currency when you destroy troops and enemy armament. You'll be able to renew your weapons on each level and you also have a special attack on each level; click on 'Special' in the top left to use it.




Defense Strategy 3: Final WarDefense Strategy 3: Final War