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You're working in a cube factory. There, you must order all the color cubes according to your boss' orders. Move them strategically to do it right.

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Click on "Close" to start. Use the mouse to choose the level of the game, from "A" to "F". In level "A", you have to click on the arrows to move the cubes. Order them according to the model which will be indicated on the left side. If you do it, you get to level "B". In level "B", you must not let the cubes of the same color get together because you'll lose a point.. In the level "C", you have to use all the cubes to order the blue sensor. In level "D", you must order the cubes and move the ball, so it can disappear. In level "E", move the purple square and eat all the cubes that aren't useful. Finally, in level "F", you have to move the circle, so it changes its color according to the model. If you make too much movements, your score will decrease. Click on "reset" to play again.