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You're an ambitious king and you want to dominate all of Brandor's territory. Your goal is to fight against the neighboring kings and beat them. Plan your attack strategy, buy the best warriors and you'll get victory.

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You play against the computer by turns. There are two game options: In 'Campaign', click on one of the territories of the kingdom that appear blue. Click on the sword to conquer the kingdom and get gold. Collect 200 pieces of gold and you'll move to the next level. If you want to fight the enemy territory, click on the green lands. Click on the sword and then on a button in the lower side to fight. You must have weapons and soldiers to fight. In the 'Survival' mode, use the mouse to choose the enemies and the degree of difficulty of the war. Click on your king and you will see some options. Click on one of the circles in the upper left to fight the enemies.