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Cruise Wedding

Cruise Wedding

Fabio and Luisa will get married on a cruise. Everything is almost prepared for the big day, but Luisa still isn't ready. Help this beautiful bride-to-be with her outfit and make-up so that she'll look fantastic for her wedding.

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Start with her make-up and hairstyle, which you'll find above the game. Click on one of the options in order to open the window to the right. Click on the pink arrows to see the different accessories, make-up options and hairstyles; apply them to Luisa by clicking on them. To see the clothes and accessories, click on 'Dress up'. Choose the accessories and shoes; click on them to place them. Click on the pink arrow at the top to see the dresses; click on one of these to put it on Luisa. Press the pink arrow again once you're happy with the dress and you can select her veil. Finally, click on 'Show' in the bottom right to see the happy couple.




Cruise WeddingCruise Wedding