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Crimson Warfare

Crimson Warfare

The country is in war. After three days with any communication, the general Kostyuk success in communicating with the colonel Russel. In that call, Kostyuk tells him that there are few survivors and that they need help. Unfortunately, the enemies detected the communication. Now, they are going to Kostyuk's refuge to kill him.

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Click on "Play Campaign" to start. Use the mouse to direct the horizontal and vertical lines to the green circle, then click on the box. There are going to appear some buildings below, click to select one of them, then wait until it loads. Click on the buildings and on the boxes below to get soldiers. Every time you kill soldiers, you obtain money to buy more ammunitions. If you want to change the building, click on the name of the building that is on the left side. Do not let the enemies attack you or you will lose energy.




Crimson WarfareCrimson Warfare