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Child Wars

Child Wars

You're on the sewers playing war with your friends. Your goal is to throw all kinds of objects to your rivals. To do so, you must improve your aim.


throw, bombs, kicks, aim

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Play by turns. You can play with up to 2 friends or against the computer. Click with your mouse to choose the character you want. Click on the weapons to buy more ammo according to the money you have. Click on the lower part of the screen to choose your desired weapon. If you choose the cake, the missile or the magic scepter press the up and down arrow keys to move the angle of the shot. Then keep the spacebar pressed to accumulate strenght. Release the spacebar to throw the object towards the enemies. If you choose the yellow face, press the spacebar. Then click on 'Stop' to activate the bomb. When you're close to an enemy pick the bat, then press the spacebar to hit him. If you're able to hit the enemy, his energy will be diminished and he'll loose. If you hit all the enemies with your bombs, you pass the level and win. If you choose the helix, press the arrow keys to fly to another place. All players are controlled with the same keys. If the enemy shots touch you, your life will diminish and you'll loose. You have limited time.




Child WarsChild Wars