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Carl's Freakin Strip Poker

Carl's Freakin Strip Poker

You're a guy who wants to get some money. Now, you'll play poker in an illegal casino. If you want to win, you'll have to play as you know; if you lose, the fat man will take all your clothes.

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Click on the red arrows to choose the character you want to be. Click on "Deal" to deal the cards. Click on the red arrows to bet and click on "Bet" to accept it. Click on the cards you want and click on "Discard" to change the cards you don´t need. Click on "fold" to turn the cards. If you get five sequential cards of the same kind, you'll win the game. If you lose, you'll stay out of al your clothes.




Carl's Freakin Strip PokerCarl's Freakin Strip Poker