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Bunny's Key

Bunny's Key

You're a little bunny trapped in a castle. If you want to escape, you'll have to recover all of the keys which have been stolen by some wolves. Use your ability to defeat your rivals and accomplish this mission.

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This is a game for two players. Click to start the game, then choose the rabbit you want to play with. The pink rabbit uses "S", "D", "Z" and "C" to move and "X" to jump. The black one uses the right and left arrow keys to move and the down arrow key to jump. You must jump on your enemies to take the key they have. After you have recovered the key, go to the door and open it to get to the next level. There're some levels in which you have to take more than one key to open the door. Avoid your enemies and don't let them enter in the door or you'll lose.




Bunny's KeyBunny's Key