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Bratz Babyz Ponyz

Bratz Babyz Ponyz

These ponies want to take part in a beauty contest and you're their stylist. You have to pick one of them and do their hair and change their look, so that they'll win the competition.

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Click on 'Play Game' to start. Click on one of the four 'Ponyz' to change their look. Click on the white arrows on the left to see the various options for them. For example, click on wigs and accessories, then drag them over to the pony to place them on it. Click on 'Go to Show' to start the event, for which you can also select the music. Enter your name in the white bar and click 'Start the Show' to see how your pony looks. If you want to play again, click on 'Play Again'.




Bratz Babyz PonyzBratz Babyz Ponyz