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BMX Pro Style

BMX Pro Style

You want to enter a BMX championship but you're lacking in experience. You should tackle all the different obstacles on this track and do as many stunts as you can. Prove to yourself that you're the best and you're capable of winning the championship.

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Use the mouse to select the style of clothes, helmet and shoes you want; you can also choose the location where you want to participate. Use the right and left arrow keys to move; use the up arrow key to move forward and the down arrow to move back. Use the 'X' key to control the front brake and the 'Z' key to control the back. Use the 'A', 'S' and 'D' keys to perform simple stunts; use the 'Q', 'W' and 'E' keys to perform difficult ones. Do as many stunts as possible and you'll obtain points and move on to the next level. Collect the objects along the way, they give you extra points. Don't hit the obstacles or fall off your bike or you'll lose. You have 3 lives.




BMX Pro StyleBMX Pro Style