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Big Shot Checkers

Big Shot Checkers

This game is based on the animated series 'Foster's home for imaginary friends'. Mac is playing checkers with his imaginary friend Bloo. Help one of them to defeat the other.

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Use the mouse to select the character which you want to play as, and the difficulty level of the game. You play in turns against the computer. When it's your turn, click on the piece which you want to move and you'll be shown the squares where you can move it to. Jump over your opponent's pieces to take them; both players can only move diagonally. If you manage to get your pieces to the last row on your opponent's side, then they'll become king pieces and they'll be able to move forward and back, like the piece with your character on it (normal pieces can only move forward). If your character's piece reaches this last row then you'll win. Alternatively, you can take all of your opponent's pieces in order to win.




Big Shot CheckersBig Shot Checkers