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Bella's Wedding

Bella's Wedding

There will be a wedding in a few hours and the bride and groom aren't ready. You are the only one who can help them to solve this problem. Help the bride to choose her dress and do her make-up; choose the groom's suit too. Make them both look fantastic for their wedding.

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There are various make-up options on the right; click on these to choose each one. On the lower right are the options for the bride's hairstyle; do the same with it. If you want to see more styles, click on the yellow arrow. When you've finished the make-up and hair section, click on 'Next' to move on to the next stage. Click on a dress to try it on the bride; click on the yellow arrow to see more dresses. When you've finished, click 'Next' to do the same for the groom. When he's ready, click on 'Done' to see the results.




Bella's WeddingBella's Wedding