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Barbie Hoops!

Barbie Hoops!

Barbie and her friends are taking part in a basketball competition. They want to win, so they need your help. Make it so that all of the players score as many points as possible (by getting the ball in the net), so they'll take the trophy.

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Click to choose the character you want to play as. Click on the right and left arrow keys to move; use the down arrow key to take the ball and then hold the up arrow key down and you'll see a row of circles, which indicate the force of the shot. Release the key to throw the ball. If you manage to score the highest number of points them you'll move on to the next level. If you make a mistake and score in your own goal then your score will decrease. You'll have to score a certain number of points in each net; your time is limited.




Barbie Hoops!Barbie Hoops!