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Avatar and the Four Elements

Avatar and the Four Elements

Avatar is in a Ping Pong tournament. He will confront the masters of fire, earth and water. To beat them he has to control the element of air with lots of ability.

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Use the mouse to choose to play with a friend or against the computer. Click over the characters to choose the player. Press the space bar to launch the ball. Use the arrows of the cursor to move and dont let the ball go through your space. Press the 'dash' key to hit the ball. Press the 'plus' key to defend yourself. If you throw the ball to the rivals space your points will increase and you will go to the next level. Dont let the ball go into your space or you will loose points. Hit the images of the 4 elements with the ball, they give you powers. The image of the moneky gives you extra points. Player 2 presses the space bar to throw the ball. Use keys, A,S,D and W to block the ball to pass and to move. Press key 1 to defend yourself. Press 2 to attack.




Avatar and the Four ElementsAvatar and the Four Elements