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Asterix y Obelix

Asterix y Obelix

This is an Asterix and Obelix funny game. This time, the roman emperor Julio Cesar has stolen the money from the little Galia. That has bothered our friends. What is going to happen? Let´s see.

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You are Obelix and you have to escape from the roman camp. You must collect the golden coins and elude the romans and their weapons. You control Obelix with the cursor keys and hit with the spacebar. However, be careful, because your hits doens´t help too much. At the end of each level, you will get a secret code. Use it to get to the level where you got it.


Secret codes: Level 2: Idefix, Asterix, soldado. Level 3: Obelix, Asterix, Idefix. Last level: Panoramix, soldado, Obelix, Asterix.


Asterix y ObelixAsterix y ObelixAsterix y Obelix