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Arkanoid Flash

Arkanoid Flash

This game is a version of 'Arkanoid'. Your objective is to destroy all of the blocks; you'll have to hit the ball at them with the red bar which you control.

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Use the mouse to move the red bar from side to side and hit the ball up. Destroy all of the coloured blocks, and your score will increase. When you hit blocks, they'll release powers. The E capsules increase the size of the bar; C's magnetise the bar and attract the ball; L's allow you to fire your laser by clicking the mouse button; S's slow the ball down and B's give you extra points. Don't collect the black S's, since they will make your bar smaller. If you collect the black F's, the ball will speed up. Don't let the ball drop below the level of your bar, or you'll lose a life. You have 3 lives in total.




Arkanoid FlashArkanoid Flash