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Arctic Quest

Arctic Quest

Juan's in the Arctic and he wants to collect ice blocks. Help him mount all the blocks and make figures of marine animals. Use your hability to make it.

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Click on the blocks of ice falling from the sky. Drag them to the boxes that are in the middle of the screen and click to assemble them. Press the spacebar to rotate the blocks. Click on the ice blocks, drag them into the fire and click to remove them. The blocks of ice that glow at you give you extra points and marine animals. Click on the marine animals in the right. Click on the fish, then click on a triangle of the yellow box to create another small triangle. Click on the snail and the ice blocks will fall slower. Click on the hammerhead shark, then click on the block of ice to break it. Click on the octopus, then click on a block of ice to move it to wherever you want. Cover all the yellow boxes with ice blocks and you'll complete the level. Do not let the blocks get filled with water or you'll lose.




Arctic QuestArctic Quest